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We strive to provide the highest quality software possible. In the event that you need technical support, please first check the following documents. If you cannot find the answers you need in these documents, then please contact us using our Technical Support Request form.

Technical Support Information

License Key Request Form - use this if you have lost your registration code for any of our products.

Printer's Apprentice - Upgrade Information - information about upgrading to the latest version.

Printer's Apprentice Documentation

Printer's Apprentice Version History (HTML)
Printer's Apprentice Version History (text)
Printer's Apprentice Version History (XML/RSS) RSS 

Printer's Apprentice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Printer's Apprentice FAQ (XML/RSS) RSS

Printer's Apprentice Known Issues
Printer's Apprentice Roadmap - a list of features to be added to future versions

Printer's Apprentice 7.5 FAQ
Printer's Apprentice 7.5 FAQ (XML/RSS) RSS 
Printer's Apprentice 7.5 Version History (text)
Printer's Apprentice 7.5 Version History (HTML)
Printer's Apprentice 7.5 Version History (XML/RSS) RSS 

Technical Support Articles

How to Uninstall Foreign Fonts With Windows 7
Why Hide Fonts Does Not Work With Windows 7
How To Export the Fonts Section from the Windows Registry
How to fix missing Type 1 fonts in Adobe CS3 applications

Get Technical Support

Please read the FAQ files, listed above, first! It is very likely that you will find your answer there.
Send a Technical Support Request
License Key Request Form

Microsoft Resources

You may find these documents helpful in expanding your understanding of how fonts and Windows work together.

Microsoft Typography

Fonts included with Windows 10
Fonts included with Windows 8.1
Fonts included with Windows 8
Fonts included with Windows 7
Fonts and supported Microsoft products

Microsoft's Font Properties Extension
How to Restore, Convert, Troubleshoot Folders in Windows 95 (Q119941)
Missing Menu Commands in the Fonts Folder (Q133725)
Description of and Troubleshooting the Marlett TrueType Font (Q134861)
Fonts Display Incorrectly if More than 48 MB Worth of Fonts Exists (Q219298)
TrueType Font Limits in Windows 95/98 (Q131943)
Unable to Open or Print Fonts Correctly (Q254766)

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If you don't find an answer in the above documents, please feel free to get in touch with us. Use the links below to send us email.

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