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Printer's Apprentice Development Roadmap

Printer's Apprentice is under constant development by the staff at Lose Your Mind Development. When designing the software, we wanted to make sure that the code base would serve as a solid foundation for future enhancements. Listed below are features that we are looking to add for future versions.

If there are any other features you would like to see added to Printer's Apprentice, please let us know by sending an email to

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Features To Be Added Or In Development
Updated August 8, 2018

  • Implement a duplicate font finder
    We plan on adding this often requested feature very soon!
  • Change how font lists are populated
    The font lists are manually updated each time Printer's Apprentice executes a file operation such as an install, copy, move or delete. This should be changed so the font lists are automatically refreshed as needed.
  • Print Unicode Ranges
    Printer's Apprentice can display different Unicode ranges. But there needs to be a printable sample sheet for Unicode.
  • Remove need for Administrator access on startup
    The UAC feature in Windows protects the c:\windows\fonts folder. In order to modify files in this area, an application requires Administrator rights. Since Printer's Apprentice manages font files in this folder, the software prompts you for access when starting. We are working on a way to not require Administrator rights on startup.
  • "Leave fonts here option" for installing Font Groups.
    In the current version, fonts installed from font groups are always copied to the c:\windows\fonts folder. With fonts installed from the "Font Files" tab, you can opt to leave fonts in their current folder when installed. We need to add this feature to the Font Groups tab.
  • Updated Documentation
    The documentation that ships with Printer's Apprentice 8.2, in Windows Help format, is very much out of date. This needs to be updated.

Completed Items

  • Add support for fonts downloaded from the Windows store
    This feature was added in Printer's Apprentice 8.2.
  • Add new back-end database for tracking fonts.
    Added in Printer's Apprentice 8.2.
  • Search functions
    Added in Printer's Apprentice 8.2.
  • Font Registry Editor
    Older versions of Printer's Apprentice (7.x) included a font registry editor. It would show the fonts section of the registry along with an icon indicating if the associated font file existed or not. You could then manually repair or remove entries as needed. Need to add this feature.
    This feature was addded in Printer's Apprentice 8.1.32
  • Improved treeview control for the Font Files and Font Groups tab.
    The treeview on the Font Files tab does not expose the users Desktop as the top level item.
    A new tree control was introducted in Printer's Apprentice 8.1.5.
  • Unicode character set support.
    The Windows Character Map application has it. Printer's Apprentice should too.
    Unicode support was added in Printer's Apprentice 8.1.17.
  • Improved setup application.
    The setup and deployment options in Visual Studio 2005 are not very flexible and don't allow for desktop icons, uninstall entries in the user's Start Menu or "run after install."
    A new installer, based on Advanced Installer from Caphyon Ltd., was introduced in Printer's Apprentice 8.1.8.
  • Code signing for the executable file.
    This will improve the launch experience and the executable won't be labeled as an application with an "unknown publisher."
    Code signature added with PA 8.0 Beta #18.
  • Better Clipboard support
    The Edit amp; Copy function in Printer's Apprentice copies formatted text to the clipboard in HTML and plain text formats. We need to add Rich Text Format (RTF) so more applications recognize the formatting when pasting.
    RTF support added in PA 8.0 Beta #16.