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Testimonials Our customers love Printer's Apprentice!

Our goal is to make great software that people enjoy using. Here are a few of the things our customers have to say about our Printer's Apprentice, our font manager for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP.

“I have been in the printing and sign business for 48 years, so have always loved fonts. I have mostly worked with Macs but have been using PC's for some time now so I work both on a Mac and PC with my business.

I have been looking for a program like yours for some time so that I could print out my PC fonts and your Printers Apprentice is exactly what I have been looking for.

You have developed an excellent Type/Font Book program!”

Mel Hartman
Camel Press/Signs Inc.
Tea, South Dakota
November, 2013

“I am a web and graphic designer, and I work with fonts regularly. I tried most of the freeware font managers, but eventually needed to move up. Printer's Apprentice hits the spot! It's got the features I need and is easy to use. I especially value the "Font Groups" feature, which lets me organise my uninstalled fonts in the way I want in folders on my hard drive, then browse and install them from Printer's Apprentice.

Printer's Apprentice also has three other things I like: it's made by an indie developer, it's regularly upgraded, and the price is fantastic. It's one of my must-haves and I would recommend it without hesitation to any graphic or web designer.”

Jono Cowdery
Proton Creative
New South Wales, Australia
February, 2013

“I just wanted to let you know what an awesome piece of software you have designed! I am in the sign business and use it for font comparisons and for printing font samples for customers. The software has done everything I have needed and more! The support which means as much as the programs ability to perform goes above and beyond my expectations. Any questions I have had were answered promptly and the fact that you are constantly making additions to the softwares ability is great. Thanks for a great piece of software!”

Everette Bowen
Signs of Dixie

“I manage the graphics department of a busy print shop. If not for Printer's Apprentice, handling the fonts for dozens of customer supplied projects daily would be an insane task. With PA I can quickly install, uninstall, and group by customer. It's priceless.”

Greg Batchelor
McCabe's Printing Group
Fairfax, VA

“As a scrapbooker, Printer’s Apprentice is an invaluable tool for me to manager my almost 2000 fonts. Because I can organize the fonts into groups, it is easy to find a font specific to an occasion, holiday, activity or particular look. For example, if I want a font appropriate for a birthday page, all I do is go to the birthday group folder and select the one I like. Or if I want a font that incorporates a floral theme, I can go to that folder. You can name and organize the groups to suit your needs. Printer’s Apprentice is a time saver for anyone who maintains a large font inventory.”

Irene Hansen

“I will have to say your response...was fast. Best customer service with software I’ve had in a long time. The software is amazing you just made my job picking fonts for clients and me 100 times better and easier. This is with out a doubt software that everyone needs.”

Paul Pack
Wolf N Cub Productions

“Printer's Apprentice 8.0 is the latest in many highly dependable and useful versions of this very versatile software. Its as useful to professionals who need perfect control of their fonts as well as non-professionals who enjoy working with various fonts in a variety of situations. Its developer, Bryan T. Kinkel, has worked for years to produce this dependable software at a very reasonable price.”

Andrew Sherling