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Printer's Apprentice Screen Shots

These screen shots show off various screens from Printer's Apprentice, our Windows font manager. Click on an image below to zoom in and see the details of the polished user interface.

The screen shots below were taken on a machine running Windows 10. However, Printer's Apprentice runs on Windows 10, 8 & &.

Be sure to also check out the font catalogs and sample sheets that Printer's Apprentice can generate.

Click on a shot below to zoom in.

The main splash screen
Main window
Character set tab
Sample Text tab
Keyboard tab
Font Information tab
Comparing multiple fonts
Browsing uninstalled fonts
Browsing font groups
Options dialog
Install Fonts dialog
Install Fonts dialog, Options
Uninstall Fonts
Uninstall Fonts - Options
Context menu
Copy font to group
Copy font to group, Options
Printing - Single Page Catalog
Printing - Multiple page preview
Printing - Two Column Catalog
Printing - Three Column Catalog
Printing - Keyboard Catalog
Printing - Keyboard & Character Set
Printing - Zoomable