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How to fix missing Type 1 fonts in Adobe CS3 applications

Some versions of the Adobe CS3 Suite, which includes PhotoShop and Illustrator, cannot see Adobe Type 1 fonts that are installed in the Windows Fonts folder. Your collection of classic Type 1 fonts is available in other applications such as Word and Excel. But in Photoshop or Illustrator CS3, the Adobe Type 1 fonts are missing.

The purpose of the Windows Fonts folder is to provide a common font repository for all applications. So if you install a new font, such as Adobe Garamond, that typeface should then appear in all your application font menus. However, Adobe CS3 applications cannot see Type 1 files installed in the c:\windows\fonts folder.

The solution is simple. Instead of putting the Type 1 fonts in your c:\windows\fonts folder, add them to the \program files\common files\adobe\fonts folder. The exact steps are outlined below.

How to fix missing Type 1 fonts in Adobe CS3 applications

  1. Shut down any Adobe Suite CS3 applications that may be running.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder:
    c:\progam files\common files\adobe\fonts
    If you are running a modern, 64 bit OS such as Windows 10, the folder is:
    c:\progam files (x86)\common files\adobe\fonts
  3. Copy the PFB and PFM files for each Type 1 font to the adobe\fonts folder.
  4. If you want to have the Type 1 fonts available to other Windows applications, you need to also copy the fonts to the c:\windows\fonts folder.
  5. Restart Adobe Photoshop CS3 - your missing Type 1 fonts should now be there.
    Missing Type 1 fonts in Adobe CS3 applications

We could not find any official documentation about this from Adobe. But you can find more information in the forum threads listed below.

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