Printer's Apprentice 8.1 Documentation

To uninstall one or more fonts:

  1. Click the Installed Fonts tab in the main Printer's Apprentice window.
  2. Click the checkbox next to each font you want to uninstall.

  3. Select Uninstall Fonts from the File menu or click the Uninstall Fonts button on the toolbar.
  4. The Uninstall Fonts dialog box will open and list the fonts to be uninstalled. The Options tab has additional settings that you may wish to change. These settings are explained in the Uninstalling Fonts section.

  5. Click the Uninstall Fonts button to continue. Printer's Apprentice will uninstall the fonts and display a confirmation message.


If you open up your Fonts window (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts), you will see that the selected files were uninstalled and no longer listed.